How To Choose A Healthy And Comfortable Bag

1, to reduce shaking: whether shoulder bag or shoulder bag or shoulder bag, shoulder strap can not be too long, otherwise it is easy to cause excessive backpack shake. And select the appropriate strap length is more conducive to the stability of the backpack’s center of gravity,
Our body muscles will not because of the backpack constantly changing focus and constantly self-adjustment, leading to muscle fatigue damage.
2, backpack location can not be too low: If you want to comfortably backpack, then the bag can not be too low back. Such as the best position back shoulder bag is the lower edge of the bag just in the pelvic position.
While the best position of the messenger bag is on the waist side, backpack on the edge of the pelvis in about the position is appropriate.
3, it is best not to back in front: either Messenger bag or shoulder bag, from a health point of view it is best not to the human body back in front of the bag. Because the angle of force reasons, back in front of the body will naturally forward, long-term so prone to spinal deformity “hunchback.”
4, regular shoulder: everyone backpack will have their own preferred habits, Weili to remind you that if the use of shoulder bag or Messenger bag must remember – regular change of the shoulders, so as to prevent excessive cervical spine and spinal cord strain .

Post time: Jun-16-2021