How To Improve The Durability Of The Backpack ?

In the city life nine to five is not just you, and your backpack. Your backpack to accompany you to get off work, travel have to help you carry all the luggage, where can not be less backpack. So how do we use the backpack correctly? Teach you how to use the backpack to improve the durability of the backpack?
How to improve the durability of the backpack
Life in the backpack, every day home to take a beat, shake flick, keep clean and clean on it; with three or four months later, you can diligent point, the backpack to wash the sun. Travel backpack easy to set ash, so regularly with a vacuum cleaner tools such as dust is inevitable. But can not use the brush close to the cloth, so as not to stay in the cloth stolen goods. If the fabric has a dirty point, you can first use the washing water to wash the towel and screw to a little wet, wipe dirty points, can be repeated several times until the clean, and then washed with water towel and twisted to the semi-dry Wipe clean, natural dry can.
The correct use of the backpack how to improve the durability of the backpack
Above is said that the backpack travel clean work, the following talk about the backpack of the accessories care and day use problems:
1, backpack fabric and hardware if broken, but can not be repaired, to always prevent sharp objects, the other should pay attention to avoid contact with chemicals.
2, do not let the backpack load is too heavy, the general leisure backpack (weekdays back), up to 4-7 pounds bearing, too heavy will lead to wrinkling, deformation, cracking, and even scattered, that may be some embarrassing The
3, often keep the backpack dry; such as backpack wet or damp, will lead to deformation.
4, different colors of the backpack, do not close together to wash together, so as not to dye.
5, do not smooth (patent leather) backpack into the plastic bag to avoid adhesion.

Post time: Aug-04-2021