What Are The Prices Of The Backpack?

There are several major elements of the shoulder package offer:
1. Backpack fabric offer, generally by the main fabric + cloth + ingredients, the information offer a variety of levels, according to the customer’s policy offer to select the information;
2. The number of bags of Backpack, backpack scale of the size of the provisions of the number of materials used in the backpack, but the size of the words, do not affect the offer;
3. Accessories offer, including zippers, pull the first hand, ribbon, wrapping, etc.;
4. Packaging, that is, PP bag or PE bag packaging, packaging cartons or woven bags;
5. Manufacturing LOGO costs, manufacturing methods are generally printed, embroidered, cloth standard, plastic standard, standard hardware, offer ranging, the most affordable of the printing and embroidery;
6. Processing fee.
The level and quality of the Backpack mainly from several aspects to determine?
Backpack is back in the Backpack of the general term, the most prominent feature of this type of bag is that in the absence of two buckle shoulder straps, usually in kindergarten, widely used primary school. According to turn into canvas material, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth. The primary benefit of the Backpack is easy to carry, the liberation of both hands, to provide lunch.
The level and quality of the Backpack are mainly different from several aspects.
First, the precision of workmanship. Every corner and pressure line is very regular, no off-line and jumper phenomenon, each needle embroidery is very particular about, this is the high technical standards.
Second, the Backpack fabric is good or bad, usually with 1680D double strand fabric is the center of comparison. The 600D Oxford cloth is a comparison of commonly used materials. In addition, canvas, 190T and 210 such materials are usually used for relatively simple bag type Backpack.
Third, the back of the Backpack structure directly selected the use of backpack and level. Advanced and outdoor climbing or military backpack, poor structure is more messy, there are at least six or EVA EPE do more breathable pad, and even aluminum frame. Usually the backpack EPE is about to make a 3MM ventilation plate, in addition to the material itself, the simplest type of Backpack pocket bag, no cushioning material.
To sum up, the Backpack is mainly the best choice for leisure and love out.

Post time: Aug-04-2021